The average annual income for a high-school dropout in 2005 was $17,299, compared to $26,933 for a high-school graduate, a difference of $9,634.
(Source: US Bureau of Census, 2006)
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Consider these facts:

  • The average yearly income for a person 25 or older with a high school degree in 2014 was $19,954, compared to $27,868 for a high school graduate, a difference of $7,914.
  • The GED certificate is accepted by 97% of colleges and employers.
  • 60% of recent GED graduates are enrolled in college.
  • Unemployment is lower for those with a high school diploma.
  • GED graduates say the certificate gives them greater pride, more confidence, respect in the community – and it sets a good example for their children to finish high school.
Sources: GED Testing Service; U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2014

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More than 20 million adults have earned a GED certificate.

Here are some outstanding examples:
Peter Jennings – Former Journalist; Wally Amos – Entrepreneur; Chris Rock – Comedian; Jon Huntsman, Jr. – Former Governor of Utah; Christopher Blizzard – Developer Relations Lead for Facebook; Richard Carmona – Former Surgeon General of the United States; F. Story Musgrave – Physician; Fran Lebowitz – Author; Ruth Ann Minner – Former Governor of Delaware; Dave Thomas – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Walter Anderson – Chairman and CEO of Parade Publications; Greg Mathis – Judge

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