The average annual income for a high-school dropout in 2005 was $17,299, compared to $26,933 for a high-school graduate, a difference of $9,634.
(Source: US Bureau of Census, 2006)
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TABE Assessment- Test for Adult Basic Education

TABE: Tests for Adult Basic Education

Before you can attend GED Camp, we need to know how to help you. The GED Test measures five areas of a student’s skills, and a student might only need help in one or more. The TABE helps us learn where the student needs our help.

TABE test topics:

  • Math
  • Language Arts: Reading
  • Language Arts: Writing I and II
  • Science
  • Social Studies

TABE has three (3) different assessments:
1. TABE Locator: 50 questions. It takes about one hour and helps us decide which TABE topic to give to the student.

TABE topic tests: This assessment helps determine the grade level at which the student is working. Do not be afraid of this test. You cannot fail. It will help us see how much help you need and when you are likely to be ready to take the real GED Test.

Practice Exam:  This is for practice, and you cannot fail it either. It helps predict how you might score on the GED Test if you took it tomorrow. It has 125 questions and you to take it over a period of a couple of days if you need to.

For more information about the TABE call Bill Raisch at 843-671-2953